What You Need to Consider Before You Buy Packaging Materials And Machinery

If you're in the market for packaging materials and machinery, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are four factors you should consider before making your purchase. Packaging Material There are many different types of packaging, including rigid boxes, chipboard, paperboard, or plastic, and each…

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Tips for Maintaining Packaging Line Equipment

Maintaining your packaging equipment is critical for ensuring that your production process runs smoothly. Here are some tips to help you keep your packaging machinery in good condition. Schedule Preventative Maintenance Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your packaging line running smoothly. By scheduling regular check-ups and servicing your equipment,…

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The Dos and Don’ts of Craft Beverage Packaging

Craft beverages have exploded onto the scene in recent years, with dozens of companies vying for their share of the market. Even with all the success, these companies have seen, there have been some mistakes as well, especially in regard to packaging. Advances in beverage packaging mean that some traditional viewpoints are now outdated and must be revised for businesses to stay profitable. In this post, we’ll discuss aluminum cans as the premier packaging type for craft beverages while going over some do’s and don’ts. (more…)

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How to Avoid Craft Beverage Packaging Line Bottlenecks

Running a craft beer or beverage business requires you to be an expert at both brewing and business. You want to get your high-quality, delicious beverages in the hands of thirsty consumers, but if your packaging line isn’t efficient, you can end up with unhappy customers, wasted resources, and shrinking profits. Avoid bottlenecks in your craft beverage packaging by following these simple rules: (more…)

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The Difference Between a Case Erector and a Case Sealer

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There’s a lot of confusion in manufacturing about the different packaging machines and exactly what they do. Two of the most common types of packaging machines are case erectors and case sealers. Each of these machines performs very different jobs and works best when used together to achieve a total packaging solution. In this post, we’ll go over the differences between case erectors and case sealers and how Econocorp brings the best of both technologies into our high-quality, high-production packaging machines. (more…)

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Is Your Packaging Worth Unboxing?

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So you’ve put in the work to come up with an awesome product that meets your target customer base’s needs and does it better than the competition. So why isn’t your product flying off the shelves? You might want to check your packaging.

Packaging is the Trend

The packaging itself has become a trend, with unboxing videos surging in popularity in recent years. On every platform from YouTube to TikTok and more, influencers and everyday people can be found unboxing everything their hearts desire. But why do people get such a rush from just opening packages? The answer lies in our brain chemistry. (more…)

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Tips to Improve Your Packaging

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When designing your product’s packaging, you must consider an overwhelming range of factors. From material choices and folding styles to security and print design—there’s a reason why there are professionals who make a whole career out of just designing product packaging for companies.

Econocorp’s dedicated team of packaging design experts can help you create and optimize your product packaging for the highest quality and most efficient production. Call us at (781) 986-7500 or contact us online to find out more. (more…)

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Carton Packaging 101

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Look around, and chances are you’ll see at least one carton box. These common packaging tools are literally everywhere, housing everything from food and cosmetics to toys and collectibles. Though they’ve been around since circa 1840,  carton boxes didn’t become popular until the turn of the century. Carton boxes are typically thin and made of paperboard or chipboard. They can be easily customized for the company, brand, or product being packaged. (more…)

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