Choosing the Right Packaging for Food Transportation

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Food packaging has become a complex process with many demands and high expectations. Consumers demand safety and durability and expect functionality, convenience, shelf appeal, and simplicity. So how can your company choose the right food packaging to ensure your products remain fresh and intact during transportation and beyond?

Assess the Needs of Your Product

Products require varying packaging specifications based on their shape, size, and durability. A bulky food product, for example, has different needs than a delicate bar of chocolate. Select packaging for strength when needed. (more…)

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Top Tips for Cannabis Packaging

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Cannabis has been used for its therapeutic properties since ancient times, but only recently has it become a legitimate and legal product in the American marketplace.

Research shows that cannabis can function as a powerful pain reliever, appetite stimulant, mental health support, brain protectant, and more. Medical marijuana can alleviate symptoms and problems associated with everything from Crohn’s Disease, chronic pain, and depression to Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, and seizures. 

So it’s no wonder that the demand for cannabis has surged over the past few years. Now more than ever, cannabis manufacturers must strike the right balance as they package their products to keep up with the growing supply.  (more…)

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Why You Should use Tray Forming Equipment to Sell Your Products

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Selling your products takes more than clever marketing and excellent shelf placement. It also requires neat, attractive, reliable packaging. 

Tray Forming equipment from Econocorp makes it easier than ever to form corner glue, corner lock, or simplex style locking trays with a hinged cover. Seal them using hot melt glue at speeds from 25 to 30 trays per minute for ultimate efficiency. 

Depending upon your needs, there are various methods of operations found within our T-System and Econoform & Econolock Systems. (more…)

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Best Case Packing Equipment for Household Products

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Household products are essential to keeping the homes of millions of Americans clean and comfortable. This means that household product manufacturers face intense competition with other brands to earn customer attention and loyalty.

Efficient, time-saving packaging machinery from Econo Corp is an important tool that manufacturing companies must leverage to set themselves apart from the rest. 

Spartan with Bucket or Belt Conveyor

This rugged, mechanical, automated horizontal cartoner makes it possible to erect, load, and close end-load cartons at speeds of up to 40 cartons per minute with options for up to 60 per minute! Its intermittent motion and PLC controls make this a productive choice for medium-sized product lines.  (more…)

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Craft Brew—Filling, Cartoning Beer in Iceland

When Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi Brewery was launched in 2006 in the small town of Árskógssandur in the north of Iceland, glass bottles were of course the format.

But it seems that consumers in Iceland are just as mad about beer in cans as everyone else in the world. So last year the craft brewer installed a canning line—right about the time that the pandemic was rearing its ugly head.

“The machines were due into our plant in March, along with technicians from suppliers to get things up and running,” says Brewmaster Siggi Ólafsson. “We wound up doing most of the installation and commissioning ourselves, and we were only delayed about a month. By June of 2020 we were in production.”

The equipment in the line comes from numerous parts of the world, including the U.S.-made end-of-line Econocorp E-2000 cartoning machine. “We were led to Econocorp during conversations we had with other machine suppliers who are familiar with the kind of machinery that’s suitable for craft brewers,” says Ólafsson. “It’s just the right size machine for our production, and it’s very simple in design and, subsequently, in operation.”


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Top Features of Carton Machines

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When it comes to packaging your products, the ultimate goal is to increase output while reducing labor hours. The horizontal cartoning machines built by Econocorp Inc. are designed to help accomplish those goals. We offer a wide variety of carton machines, from countertop carton sealers to continuous-motion cartoners, for low to moderate production companies seeking the best solutions. 

Browse our carton machines’ top features to determine which makes the best match for your product needs. 

Mini Monoseal

The Mini Monoseal is a safe and straightforward semi-automatic carton flap glue sealer used to seal carton end flaps, hinge covers, side glue joints, gable tops, and more. Its beneficial qualities include: (more…)

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Packaging Tips for Nutraceuticals

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Now more than ever before, consumers care about their health and longevity. They are seeking out products that promise to improve their quality of life, help them achieve their health goals, and make them better versions of themselves.

Aside from the formulation of nutraceutical products themselves, nutraceutical packaging heavily influences consumer buying habits. Use these packaging tips to make sure your company’s nutraceuticals go flying off the shelves. 

What Are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources, but with extra health benefits beyond the basic nutritional value of food. The word blends “nutrients” with “pharmaceuticals” to imply that the right foods can be used to promote general well-being, control unwanted symptoms, and prevent disease. (more…)

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Key Features of the Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer

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Case packing is a critical, yet underappreciated component of product manufacturing and transport. Without a reliable cartoning system, your packages and products become vulnerable to damage and loss. Just as bad, your brand name loses credibility with customers.

Econocorp’s Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer offers a compact solution for wrap-around carton, case, and tray packaging. 

Sanitary Construction

The Wrap Around Spartan Case Packer is constructed of heavy duty, welded stainless steel. This sanitary construction is safe and effective when handling food products, medical products, and other sensitive items.  (more…)

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The Best Uses for Trayforming for Medical First Aid Supplies

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Most of the attention given to medical first aid supplies focuses on the purpose of the product, but the packaging used to transport those first aid supplies shouldn’t be ignored. It’s critical to keep medical supplies sterilized, protected, and in the right conditions throughout the packaging, transporting, and storage processes. 

These are a few of the best uses for trayforming for medical first aid supplies. Econo Corp diligently implements the most efficient and reliable trayforming techniques to ensure that all medical supplies arrive at their destination in prime condition.  (more…)

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Snack Industry Case Packaging Solutions for All Vendors

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Snacks and cereals are mainstays in American households, so it goes without saying that these industries are extremely competitive. New products hit store shelves regularly, so existing brands need professional packaging solutions to stand out and stand their ground. 

This is why it’s so important to use the best and most efficient case packaging machines. Whether you manufacture granola, applesauce, or chips, you need machines to create and seal cases with less waste and increased output.  (more…)

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