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In today’s fast-paced manufacturing world, technical obstacles can be a significant deterrent to growth and productivity. However, with Econocorp’s packaging automation solutions, overcoming these challenges has never been easier. We encourage businesses to transition from manual packaging processes to our efficient and reliable automated machinery, significantly enhancing productivity and operational efficiency. In this post, we’ll highlight three of our advanced automatic packaging machines: The Spartan Automatic Horizontal Cartoner, T-System Automatic Tray Forming System, and Econocaser Automatic Case Packer.

Spartan Automatic Horizontal Cartoner

Transitioning to automatic cartoning can be a leap for many businesses, particularly if they have been using manual processes for a long time. But with the Spartan Automatic Horizontal Cartoner, the transition becomes a breeze. This machine can put out up to 60 cartons per minute without compromising accuracy or efficiency. It efficiently assembles cartons, fills them with products, and then seals them, drastically reducing manual labor requirements. The Spartan machine is PLC controlled and can handle a wide variety of carton sizes, making it suitable for various industries. Check out the Spartan Cartoner in action here and here.

T-System Automatic Tray Forming System

The T-System Automatic Tray Forming System is another cornerstone of our automation solutions. This machine excels at forming and gluing trays from flat blanks, providing a seamless solution for businesses struggling with time-consuming and error-prone manual tray assembly. The T-System is a combination of our Econolock & Econoform along with the Reverse Triseal or straight line gluing or tuck closure systems. It has user-friendly PLC controls, is easily adjustable, and can handle different tray sizes and styles. It assembles up to 25 trays per minute with high precision compared to manual methods, resulting in a dramatic boost in productivity. Watch our T-System blast through these K-cups with a 4-corner glue tray and straight-line closure.

Wrap Around Spartan Automatic Case Packer

Finally, let’s look at the Wrap-Around Spartan Automatic Case & Tray Loader. This machine is a great representation of Econocorp’s commitment to easing technical challenges in packaging. The Wrap-Around Spartan is capable of loading products into cases and sealing them automatically, like in this video showing the Wrap-Around Spartan packaging of ice cream. Its efficiency eliminates the need for manual case packing, reducing labor costs and the risk of human error. With its sturdy, sanitary design and output of up to 20 cases/cartons/trays per minute, the Wrap-Around Spartan is ideal for businesses that seek to upgrade their case-packing process. It can even accommodate pick and place robotics, giving you room to expand to a whole new level of automation.

Don’t Let Technical Obstacles Hold Your Profits Down

By transitioning to Econocorp’s automated packaging machinery, businesses can overcome technical obstacles and significantly boost productivity. Our machines are designed to handle high volumes, reduce labor, increase accuracy, and ultimately, improve your bottom line. Moreover, their user-friendly design ensures a smooth transition from manual to automated packaging processes with minimal technical issues.

Econocorp’s packaging automation solutions represent a new era in manufacturing efficiency. We invite you to embrace this new era and rise above your technical challenges.

For more information on these machines and how they can help streamline your packaging processes, visit our website or call us at (781) 986-7500. Our team is always ready to assist you in finding the right solution for your business needs.