ECONOCORP Inc. offers a variety of solutions in our ECONOSEAL equipment product line for case packing or cartoning, all built with superior, simple designs and intuitive operation. We offer equipment created for horizontal, vertical and tray or wrap-around styles cartoning and also have equipment designed for horizontal case packing as well. We have over 50 years of experience building quality cartoning and case packing equipment for moderate to low production, designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, including features such as:

Corrugated/Paperboard accommodation. All our models are designed to handle both corrugated and paperboard materials.
Simple maintenance. Our equipment is designed with as few moving parts as possible, making maintenance easy and affordable. Most routine maintenance can be performed by line operators.
User-friendly. ECONOSEAL case packing and cartoner equipment is easy to use, with easy applications for changing size and type of cartons.
Compact and sturdy design. Every model we make is made with the highest quality design and parts, intended for heavy duty use. In addition, our models are compact to save on space on the production floor.
End load/ Top load designs. Our case packers and cartoners come in both end-load and top-load designs.
Carton size variety. All models can handle a wide variety of carton and case sizes, with changeover easily converted by the operator. In addition, equipment can be customized to handle cartons and cases beyond the standard sizes available.
Closure systems. Our equipment comes in a variety of closure options, including hot melt, cold glue, tuck closure, pressure-sensitive tape and hot air.

Our case and carton packing equipment solutions are all designed to increase production and cut on labor costs for our clients. Our ECONOSEAL line is both easy to use and maintain with its simple designs and is made to withstand heavy use, making it perfect for our low and moderate production clients.