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Econo Corp provides multiple machine models to streamline the packaging process for frozen food products. We offer leading quality, reliability, and affordability in frozen food packaging machinery.

Demand in the Frozen Food Industry

Demand for frozen food products has been rising in the United States. More and more, American consumers are reaching for frozen food instead of fresh food counterparts. This trend largely reflects the heightened convenience provided by frozen food. Consumers don’t have to worry about frozen food perishing quickly after it’s bought. For this reason, frozen food can more easily be bought in bulk while keeping food waste to a minimum. Consumers can save money on frozen food not due to upfront costs, but due to the fact that they won’t have to throw food away because it’s spoiled too soon.

Many types of frozen food also provide nutritional benefits. Frozen produce is frozen while it’s at its peak. The freezing process preserves its nutrients so that the consumer gets the maximum nutritional benefits once they’ve thawed and eaten it. Fresh produce will gradually lose nutrients in the fridge, so the consumer may not get the maximum nutritional benefits when it hits their plate.

Packaging Solutions for Frozen Food Products

Investing in packaging machines from Econo Corp will provide innumerable benefits to your business. These include:

Labor Cost Savings

The packaging machines at Econo Corp can satisfy your frozen food business’s packaging needs while extensively cutting down on manual labor. A single person can operate a packaging machine and process products in a fraction of the time that it would take to complete manually. This will largely lower labor costs and improve your bottom line. With lower labor requirements, frozen food companies can also save space by opting for automated packaging, as far fewer employees will be needed to achieve the same output.
Product Consistency
Whenever food products are handled, safety and consistency are key to adhere to safety and quality regulations. Packaging machines largely reduce the element of human error in handling frozen food products, allowing your business to provide greater product consistency.

Reduced Product Damage

By using machines to package your company’s frozen food products, you can reduce product damage due to errors in the packaging process. This leads to less wasted products and packaging materials, further improving your company’s cost savings.

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