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From facial cleansers and moisturizers to lipstick, nail polish, and more, the personal care and cosmetics industries span a broad range of products. A wide variety of products require packaging within these industries. Econo Corp can support the production of your personal care or cosmetic products with top-caliber packaging equipment. As a worldwide leader in cartoning and case packaging, we can provide packaging equipment to fit the unique needs of your personal care or cosmetic business.

Secure Cosmetics Packaging

Personal care and cosmetic products must be safe for consumer use. Part of ensuring the safety of your personal care products is packaging them securely. Packaging equipment from Econo Corp offers the most reliable seals and closures for your products. With the high packaging quality provided by our machines, your personal care or cosmetic products will reach the consumer in secure, professional-looking packaging.

Our machinery options are compact and simple to operate. We can accommodate a large selection of packaging designs, ensuring that you find the best possible packaging for your cosmetic products. The machinery that we provide within the personal care and cosmetics sector is designed to deliver on your production needs.

Improve Product Line Efficiency

Purchasing packaging equipment for your personal care product company will greatly improve production efficiency. By automating multiple steps within the packaging process, you can cut back on labor expenditures and improve your bottom line.

Packaging solutions from Econo Corp will help your company remain competitive in the growing cosmetics industry. Our automatic case packers, tray formers, tray sealers, and cartoners make it possible to prepare a higher volume of products for distribution than before. As you transition to an automatic packaging process, you’ll increase your output while reducing labor costs.

Greater Quality and Reliability

Econo Corp’s packaging equipment provides both consistency and security for cosmetic products. Our machines will allow you to maintain a higher standard of quality in your products, protecting the cosmetics until they reach your customers. By maintaining a top level of product quality, you can boost your cosmetic company’s reputation and promote rising sales.

Reach out to Econo Corp today to learn more about our extensive selection of packaging equipment for cosmetics and personal care products.