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Packaging is a crucial step in the frozen food industry, as it ensures the safe and efficient transport of products from production facilities to retail stores and consumers’ homes. Econocorp is a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery for small to medium-sized production lines in various industries, including frozen foods. Econocorp offers a variety of packaging machinery options suitable for the frozen food industry, keeping in mind the need for secure and sanitary packaging that promotes optimal freshness and transports easily. In this post, we’ll look at four of our most popular options for our frozen food manufacturing clients.

Econocorp’s Most Popular Machines for Frozen Food Packaging

Spartan Horizontal Cartoner

The Spartan is a heavy duty automatic horizontal cartoner for erecting, loading, and closing end-load paperboard or corrugated cartons. It blasts through product at speeds of up to 60 cartons per minute and has many options to customize it into the perfect cartoner for any frozen food application. The Spartan can be fed by hand, with a belt conveyor, or with a bucket conveyor. It features sanitary stainless steel construction, PLC controls, and can be loaded with either the left or right hand. The Spartan offers multiple closure methods, including glue sealing (like with the Econoseal Glue Fingers), tuck closure, gable top, hot air, or the premium Nordson hot melt extruding system. With various discharge options and add-on features, there’s almost no end to the customizations you can have with the Spartan Cartoner.

Pegasus Horizontal Cartoner

The Pegasus is another great cartoner option for frozen food packaging. The Pegasus is a compact continuous motion cartoner, measuring less than 13 feet long, but offers a wide range of options for erecting, loading, and closing end load cartons at double the top speed of the Spartan – up to 120 cartons per minute! The Pegasus can be hand-loaded or equipped with a bucket conveyor and infeed. It features sanitary stainless steel construction, variable speed, and modern PLC controls. It can accommodate glue sealing or a tuck-style closure, providing flexibility for different packaging requirements. The Pegasus also offers many optional features to add extra value and function, including ink print or deboss coding and CE guarding, among many others.

Twinseal Carton Sealer

The Twinseal is a carton sealer that can glue two flaps at the same time while also offering size adjustments in just minutes. It features sanitary stainless steel construction, a hand crank lateral adjustment for fast, easy changeover, and automatic cycling. Glue sealing or hot air closure is available for paperboard or corrugated cartons, which can then be discharged in multiple directions. The Twinseal also offers many optional features to meet the strict regulations of the frozen food industry while meeting all of your production line’s needs.

Wrap-Around Spartan Case Packaing Solution

The Wrap-Around Spartan is a multifunctional solution for frozen food manufacturers. It is a compact system that wraps cartons, cases, and trays at speeds of up to 20 cartons/cases/trays per minute. The machine features sanitary stainless steel construction, a heavy-duty welded stainless frame, PLC controls, a broad size range, simple and fast size changeover, and accommodates both corrugated and paperboard materials. Used alone or in conjunction with other Econocorp machinery, the Wrap-Around Spartan does the job of three machines with a footprint of just one.

Choosing the Right Packaging Machine for Frozen Foods

When it comes to selecting the right packaging machine for frozen foods, there are several factors to consider. The first consideration is the production needs of the facility. The Pegasus and Spartan machines offer moderate production rates, while the Twinseal and Wrap-Around Spartan machines top out at lower rates. The size and type of packaging material used for the products are also important factors to consider. All Econocorp machines described above accommodate both paperboard and corrugated cartons. Additionally, the specific features of each machine, such as adjustable magazines, infeed methods, and coding systems, should also be taken into account based on the specific packaging requirements of the frozen food products.

Benefits of Using Econocorp Packaging Machines for Frozen Foods

Econocorp packaging machines offer several benefits for frozen food manufacturers. Firstly, the machines are designed to meet industry standards for hygiene and accuracy, featuring sanitary stainless steel construction and PLC controls. This ensures that the products are packaged safely and efficiently. Secondly, the machines are versatile and can be customized to meet the specific packaging needs of frozen food products, such as accommodating different carton sizes and closure types. Lastly, Econocorp machines are reliable and durable, providing a cost-effective solution for packaging needs in the long term.

Frozen Food Packaging Machinery by Econocorp

Packaging is a critical step in the frozen food industry, and Econocorp offers a range of packaging machines designed to meet the specific needs of frozen food manufacturers. By choosing the right packaging machine based on production needs and packaging requirements, frozen food manufacturers can ensure the safe and efficient transport of products from production facilities to retail stores and consumers’ homes. For more information about Econocorp’s solutions for frozen food manufacturers, call 781-986-7500, email, or look up the sales representative for your region.