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When a leading US candle alternative manufacturer faced the challenge of meeting skyrocketing sales demands in their existing space, they knew they needed automation to keep up. After reaching out to a few suppliers, one our partners connected them with us here at Econocorp–and the rest is history. Once the company purchased their first Spartan cartoner, their packaging process was revolutionized, taking their business to new heights. Don’t just listen to us–watch when you click below! 

Read on to learn how the manufacturer unlocked its potential for growth with the Spartan cartoner. From swiftly recouping return on investment (ROI) to maximizing floorspace, this blog shares the top three benefits of using Spartan automatic horizontal cartoning machines to scale your business and reach packaging bliss.

Achieve Quick ROI with a Horizontal Cartoner

Our partners were grappling with a common challenge: how to efficiently package their candle alternative product in boxes. The demand for their home goods product was soaring, and manual labor just couldn’t keep up. That’s where the Spartan cartoner stepped in. 

To automatically deliver a completed carton from the machine, the Spartan: 

  1. Removes a blank end load carton from a supply magazine via vacuum system 
  2. Erects a single product load station 
  3. Manually or automatically horizontally loads the product into carton 
  4. Transports the loaded carton to the closing position for tuck closure and sealing with either hot melt glue or hot air 

The best part? The Spartan’s speed of 40 cartons per minute (which can be optionally increased to 60) meant that the candle alternative manufacturer could quickly package their product without missing a beat. Within months, they saw their ROI steadily climb. In fact, the Spartan’s efficiency allowed them to recoup their initial investment faster than they ever imagined–in 20 months, to be exact!

Whether you’re a seasoned packaging pro or just dipping your toes into the cartoning world, the Spartan is your trusty sidekick in maximizing profits. Click below to connect with our team.

I’m Ready to Turn My Packaging Challenges into Success Stories

Increase Efficiency, Fill Labor Gaps with a Cartoning Machine

Finding the labor to tediously box this product was difficult. The Spartan ensures that each carton is perfectly folded and sealed. It’s a reliable teammate that never misses a day, stepping in whenever a labor gap appears. Sick days, vacations, or unexpected spikes in orders–the Spartan handles it all with ease. Plus, there’s no more fumbling with odd-shaped cartons. 

“Efficiency was huge as it freed up multiple associates to work on other much- needed projects,” said the company’s Director of Operations.

With the help of the Spartan, their workforce was no longer overwhelmed, allowing them to focus on the next steps of growing their business.  

“The experience with Econocorp was a good one as we did an onsite visit prior to the first cartoner being shipped. I was impressed with how fast their team was able to adjust the speed of the cartoner and make small machining modifications,” said the company‘s CEO & Owner.

In fact, when the home goods manufacturer purchased an identical second Spartan cartoner in 2022, it helped them meet growing sales volume once again. The assembly line now flows so seamlessly that the company is actively looking for other uses of the Spartan in their production operations.  

Small Footprint Boxing Machine Saves Floorspace 

In addition to the other challenges this growing candle alternative manufacturer faced, there simply wasn’t enough room to keep up with boxing operations if they were going to keep up with demand. The Spartan cartoner, with its compact design, fit snugly into their production layout.  

“It allowed us to handle all the carton boxing on the manufacturing floor and not have to supplement boxing in the office and other departments,” said the CEO & Owner. 

No wasted space, no awkward work areas. It was like adding an extra room to their factory without knocking down any walls and being able to reclaim their office space.   

As our partners are happy to share, the Spartan is designed to meet your sales demands–and then some. Let the Spartan cartoner be your partner in growth. See all its cartoning possibilities on our YouTube playlist.