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Robots have long been the fixation of science fiction writers and dreamers of the future, but today robotics has become an integral part of the American economy, especially in warehouses. A recent market research report published by MarketsandMarkets revealed that between 2017 and 2022, the warehouse robotics market is expected to grow 11.8 percent to $4.44 billion. This steady rise indicates just how imperative robotics are becoming to American businesses.

Mobile Robotics

More than anything else, mobile robotics sit at the center of the robotics market growth. As the MarketsandMarkets report explains, “The fast-moving nature of items and same-day or next-day delivery schedules has [caused] e-commerce companies to implement mobile robots in their warehouses. Mobile robots have the capability of moving products around the warehouse faster than human workers and retrieving them without an error. This factor makes mobile robots a preferred choice for the e-commerce companies.”

Robotics For Food and Beverages

In addition to e-commerce companies, food and beverage companies have found very significant use for robotics that can provide “automated and hygienic handling of food items.” For example, sophisticated machines now make it possible to rapidly package frozen foods, beverages, craft beer, and much more. These advanced cartoning machines ensure that every batch is identical and packaged and prepared to maximize product protection during transportation and consumer satisfaction upon purchase.

As the need for efficient reliable warehouse operations continues to grow, venture capitalists are eager to fund projects that encourage smaller and medium-sized enterprises to adopt warehouse robotics that will improve their product quality and customer service. Econocorp Inc. is a recognized worldwide leader in cartoning, tray forming, and case packing for moderate and lower production volumes that offers the machinery and robotics necessary to meet growing consumer demand. Call today at 781-986-7500 to learn more about the many different machines they have to offer.