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The beginning of each new year always provides inspiration for the evolution of new trends and the elimination of old ones. It is likely that 2018 will provide the opportunity for innovative packaging choices to overtake the following design trends.

Clutter Replaced By Simplicity

The simplicity of minimalism is becoming increasingly popular, especially in place of cluttered designs that leave customers overstimulated and confused about the core message. This trend is being driven by a growing consumer expectation that product packaging needs to convey the most important information instantaneously. Brands are adapting to this expectation by stripping away unnecessary verbiage and making careful use of colors and white space.

Small Fonts Replaced By Bigger, Bolder Lettering

Along the lines of brands conveying the most important packaging information instantly, small fonts are now being replaced by large and bold fonts that send a product’s core message immediately. For example, a probiotic might simply state “Your gut check” in large font rather than explaining the entire function of a probiotic in smaller lettering. Brands want to use this tactic to differentiate themselves from others on store shelves and shout their message across a crowded aisle of shoppers.

Wasteful Packaging Replaced By Sustainable Solutions

The sustainable packaging movement has been building for years, but 2018 could be the year that it finally sticks. Consumers are more conscientious about the impact of packaging on the environment, which means they will gravitate toward brands that make an effort to decrease their ecological footprint. Plastics will be replaced by biodegradable materials such as hemp and cellulose. Bamboo and glass are also making a comeback since they can be “upcycled” to slow the use of natural resources.

Manly Designs Replaced By Feminine Styles

In the world of packaging, masculinity is often associated with extremely stimulating and explosive designs that have a whole lot going on. As 2018 begins, many of these masculine choices will be replaced by feminine aesthetics that include pastels and soft edges.

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