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When you upgrade from manual to automated packaging, you’ll be putting out more products than ever before. Now it’s time to get all those packaged products into cases and shipped out. But when you’re still packing cases by hand, you’ll quickly realize that no matter how efficient your cartoners are, it doesn’t matter if your case packing can’t keep up. That’s why adding a high-quality automatic case packing machine to your operation is the natural next step in optimizing your production line.

We recommend the Econopacker, Econocaser, and Wrap Around Spartan as customizable case packing solutions for your production line.

A well-built case packer customized to your line’s specific needs can help in three ways:


Case packers correctly and consistently erect your case material into the desired shape with minimal to no interaction from operators. Some case packers require each case blank to be loaded individually, while others allow for multiple blanks to be loaded at once. Once loaded, these blanks are folded, tucked, and positioned to be loaded with product.


Once the case is properly erected, the case packer will position the case with the open end ready to be loaded with the product. The product itself enters the case packer via manual load, conveyor, or bucket. Some case packers will actually collate the products into the correct pattern for easy loading into the case. For wrap-around case packers, the arranged products are wrapped with the case material instead of loaded into an erected case.


Once loaded, the case is then sealed by either tape or glue. Depending on the orientation of the case and the method of loading, the seal may be on the top or the side. The complete, sealed package is then ready for shipment.

The Best Case Packers for Your Production Line

If you’re ready to step up your output and add another automation asset to your production line, contact Econocorp for a customized case packing solution for your products. No matter what industry you produce for, we have cartoning, tray forming, and case packing solutions to get your product from the line to the shelf. Give us a call at (781) 986-7500, email, or contact us online to find out more.