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The type of packaging you choose for your product, from the material to the design to the way that it opens, tells a story about you and your company. The wasteful, single-use plastic packaging of the 1900s is finally giving way to paper-based packaging. But, why the shift to paper? Well, paper-based packaging offers many benefits that its competition just can’t match:

Reusable, Recyclable, & Sustainable

The main draw of paper-based packaging for society is its status as the most environmentally-friendly packaging option. Paper-based packaging can not only be made of recycled paper but it too can be recycled, maintaining a cycle of reusability that you’ll never get with plastics. 

For paper-based packaging that is made from freshly cut trees, manufacturers have begun replanting those trees with fast-growing, highly sustainable forests so that harvests will not affect local ecology.

We need to look for any way we can as a society to create a positive interaction between humans and their environments, and opting for paper-based packaging over plastics is a great place to start!


Studies have shown that consumers prefer the appearance of paper-based packaging over plastic. Never has this been more obvious than through the unboxing video trend, where online personalities, also known as influencers, record themselves opening packages of items they have ordered or been gifted. Many of these influencers comment on the packaging materials companies use, and paper-based packaging is often an influencer favorite. Some companies even use unboxing as an opportunity to create an interactive moment with the customer.


Paper-based packaging is easily customizable, and most graphics and logos really pop on the material! These can also be changed easily and without much-added cost, so you’re not stuck with an outdated label due to extra expenses. 

The shape and construction of paper-based packaging are also more customizable than plastic. The sky’s the limit in terms of how you can put your paper-based packaging together.


With special treatments and coatings now available, many more types of items can be shipped and stored in paper-based packaging. For example, cold and frozen items can now be shipped in a paper by using cutting-edge cooling technology and special coatings inside the packaging. This versatility has been a game-changer for people who rely on delivery services for healthy, nutritious food options.


It’s not often that the most sustainable option is also the most affordable, but that is the case for many paper-based packaging options. These savings can be felt all the way down the supply chain from the lumber supplier to the final consumer.

Take your production line to the next level with sustainable, attractive, and affordable paper-based packaging. Contact us today to find out how we can customize our technology to fit your specific packaging needs!