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We get it…when you’re first starting out and getting your feet wet in the business, you may not have the extra capital lying around to purchase a packaging machine. In the early days, we often see entrepreneurs manually packaging their goods, taking care to be as consistent as possible. However, it doesn’t usually take long for the charm of those hand-packaged products to fade away, leaving an overworked business owner searching for ways to get back a little time each day. Investing in a high-quality packaging machine, like those offered by Econocorp, is a great way to automate a simple task that can save dozens of hours of labor each week. In this post, we’ll go over some of the reasons it is worth investing in a packaging machine.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Manual packaging is grueling and monotonous when orders start to roll in consistently. By automating the packaging process with a packaging machine, you can package more items in less time without having to pay an hourly wage.

Consistency & Quality Assurance

Not only will a packaging machine save you money on labor costs, the packages it produces will also be more consistent and less prone to human error. This reduces waste of time and resources, since less packages will have to be scrapped and reworked.

Long-Term Cost Savings

A packaging machine requires a significant up-front investment, but it will offer significant savings in reduced labor costs and reduced waste. It doesn’t take long for a quality packaging machine to pay for itself, then you’re in the black from that point forward.

Flexibility to Meet Market Demands

No matter what industry you’re in, consumer trends and markets are constantly changing. It can be difficult for someone packaging items by hand to adjust quickly to new and emerging packaging needs, but with an automated packaging machine, offering customization and keeping up with evolving packaging trends has never been easier. With a few button pushes, the entire machine configuration can be changed to accommodate a completely different package, meaning you’re never limited to only what you’re used to working with…with Econocorp’s packaging machines, your packages can be as creative as your imagination.

Scalability for Business Growth

It’s almost impossible to scale a manual packaging operation in an affordable way. Humans are limited in what they can reasonably accomplish in one work shift, but a fully automatic packaging machine can run 24/7 if needed. This offers budding businesses the choice to expand when the iron is hot, not have to wait for new equipment to come in to fill those hard-fought-for orders. Don’t miss your chance to blow up because you can’t meet order demand due to packaging constraints, think about scale ahead of time and get a packaging machine that can ramp up when you’re ready.

An Investment in a Packaging Machine is an Investment Into Your Future Success

Boost your operational efficiency, improve brand consistency, and get ready for explosive growth with Econocorp’s line of cartons, tray formers, and case packers. By taking the leap and investing in a durable and reliable packaging machine, you’re making a bet that your business will succeed and preparing yourself for all those orders that you know are coming in soon. For more information on how Econocorp can transform your packaging operation with our top-caliber packaging equipment, call us at 781-986-7500 or email \