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Your current packaging line equipment is nearing the end of its lifespan, and it’s time to start shopping for replacements. Instead of just trading out your current machines for identical ones, take this time to analyze your production line strengths, weaknesses, and needs. Use that analysis to upgrade your equipment to increase your line’s efficiency, and by association, your profitability.

When thinking about upgrading your packaging line equipment, ask yourself the following questions:

What is going well?

What about your current production line setup that is working well? Points of ease or seamless transition should be maintained in any new production line setup. To determine what is working well, break each step of your line down into small parts and assess the efficiency of each step. Consult with your line employees along with quality and cost reports to find the best parts of your current line.

What could be going better?

While you’re analyzing your production line steps to identify what is working well, also work to identify any pain points in your processes. Pieces of equipment that frequently break down or create bottlenecks should be prioritized for an upgrade. Other common pain points in production lines relate to limited space, not enough equipment operators, and equipment not being able to meet output requirements.

What is your budget?

While your decision to upgrade packaging line equipment should never be based solely on price, let’s face it…price is important. Checking out the features of a $500K piece of equipment is a waste of time if $50K is the top of your budget, so establishing your maximum budget early on will help you narrow down your equipment options and only spend time on actual possibilities.

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