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2020 was not a great year for the packaging industry (or any industry for that matter). With COVID-19 looming heavily over global business and trade, combined with decreased consumer demand, packaging manufacturers have suffered great losses.

The good news is that 2021 is projected to be the year of the packaging industry rebound. According to Beroe Inc. via PR Newswire, the glass, rigid, and flexible packaging industries are all expected to increase production and revenues over 2021. They also project that North America will continue to hold at least 70% of the market share in flexible packaging.

A decline in packaging demand in 2020 was mainly driven by decreased demand for glass packaging secondary to closures of social and sporting events, including bars and restaurants. Signs of improvement in glass packaging demand are already promising in 2021. Luckily, rigid and flexible packaging demand was largely unaffected by the pandemic.

Consumers in the North American market can also expect to see a shift of focus towards more sustainable, recycled, and reusable packaging options. This is driven by consumer demand for more eco-friendly products with lower carbon footprints. Paper packaging is at the forefront of this movement towards sustainable packaging, which is likely why the paper and pulp packaging industries are expected to see the highest growth of all segments over the next few years. Asia is a huge consumer of these paper-based packaging products, with North America close behind.

The shift towards sustainability has also renewed interest in innovation in the glass packaging industry. Reusable glass bottles for vending machines is an example of this trend.

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