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When you deal with supply chains, it’s important to be familiar with the lingo. Industry jargon gets thrown around a lot, especially in manufacturing, distribution, and retail outlets. One term you’ll probably hear often is “case pack quantity”. In this post, we’ll explain this common packaging term and dig into how understanding it can help optimize your operations.

The Importance of Case Pack Quantity

“Case pack quantity” is simply the number of items that are included in one case pack of a product. A common case pack quantity for canned sodas is 12, while something large like a television may have a case pack quantity of just one. Case pack quantity affects several aspects of a business’ operation, from purchasing and receiving inventory to storing and shipping products. By standardizing how products are packaged by manufacturers and received by retailers or distributors, case pack quantities help streamline these processes.

Advantages of Standardizing Case Pack Quantities

  • Simplified Inventory Management

When products are received in consistent case quantities, inventory systems can be updated quickly and accurately. This helps retailers maintain precise stock levels, reducing overstock and sell outs.

  • Efficient Shipping and Handling

Products packaged into case packs are easier to handle, store, and ship. They are designed to neatly fit on pallets or within shipping containers, maximizing space and reducing the risk of damage during transport.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Packaging products in case pack quantities often comes with cost benefits. Packaging material costs and labor costs are decreased when multiple products can be packaged and shipped together. By adding in packaging automation, cost-effectiveness with case pack quantities becomes an even bigger advantage.

Considerations for Setting Case Pack Quantities

Deciding how many products to include in one case pack requires consideration of many factors, including:

  • Product size and dimensions: The shape and size of a product determines how many of that product can be efficiently packed into one case without wasting space or risking damage from overcrowding.
  • Market demand and sales velocity: Products that sell quickly should usually have larger case pack quantities to keep up with demand, while slow-moving items might be packed in smaller quantities to avoid overstocking.
  • Handling and storage requirements: Certain products, like perishable foods or pharmaceuticals, might require special packing considerations or be limited in how many can be legally packed in one case.
  • Transportation logistics: Shipping transportation and the logistics involved can also affect case pack quantities. Products that are heavier or bulkier might need smaller case packs to ensure easy handling and compliance with shipping companies’ weight restrictions, especially if air travel is involved.

Challenges with Case Pack Quantities

Case pack quantities can make packaging, shipping, storage, and stocking much easier, but they do have some potential drawbacks:

  • Mismatch with demand: Sometimes, the standard case pack quantity may be too much or not enough for consumer demand, resulting in too much stock on store shelves or leaving some customers empty-handed.
  • Storage space limitations: Smaller retailers or those with limited storage might find large case packs cumbersome and difficult to manage.
  • Product diversity: Businesses that offer a wide range of products may find it challenging to optimize case pack sizes across different items. Also, businesses that are seeking a more boutique packaging experience may dislike the conformity of case packs.

Packaging Equipment for All Case Pack Quantities

Case pack quantity is a fundamental concept in packaging that can significantly impact how products flow through the supply chain. Businesses must carefully consider all relevant factors when determining ideal case pack quantities. At Econocorp, we design case packers that can handle a wide range of case pack quantities without modifications, so you’re covered with a case pack of one or 100. For more information on how we can customize our equipment to your exact case pack quantity needs, contact us at 781-986-7500 or email