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If you are the owner of an industry and have not yet automated your case packing functions then do now. This is because you will be streamlining your production operations thereby generating better savings at end-of-line packaging. Case packing machines are also popular because they offer so much versatility at the workplace. This means that manufactures can customize their machines according to their industry and in accordance to the size and type of product that they deal with.

Today’s latest case packing machines offer you more than the usual functions that were given by their previous versions, i.e. bottom-load, top-load, side-load and drop load. Now, thanks to unique engineering specifications, manufacturers can install their case packing machines with their other equipment. This provides manufacturers further ease in their packaging operations as they attain efficiencies that are specifically tailored according to their unique needs.

Case Packing Types for Industries

There are a host of operations that can be utilized by industries when using case packing machines. For instance the procedure of top load case packaging performs operations at very high speeds and is generally preferred by industries that make flexible and rigid products, such as springs. The process performs 30 units per minute, which shows how much productivity can be attained when it is properly used.

The side load case packing gives users 75 units per minute. This allows users to perform their case packing in a continuous motion. Industries that produce baked items are known to use this process.

Processes such as bottom load case packing and drop case packing are the other case packing methods; these are generally used by the dairy industries. Other industries that utilize case packing are:

  • Clothing and textile industries
  • Grain/spice industries
  • Fruit and vegetable industries
  • Toy industries
  • Sports industries
  • Chemical industries
  • Electronics industries
  • Tobacco industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Meat and poultry industries

So, this is why case packing machineries are used by a large number of industries, which helps to boost productivity and efficiency.