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As a business owner, you have to carefully consider every aspect of your brand, no matter how small. Your product’s packaging is one of those things that can make or break your venture, and the closure system is one of the most important components of the packaging. The closure system you choose for your cartons should depend on:

  • Contents
  • Intended use
  • Applicable regulations
  • Brand aesthetic

The combination of these factors will determine the ideal closure system for your carton, product, and brand. Once you’ve reviewed each factor and determined your product’s specific requirements, you have several closure system options to choose from. 

Carton Closure System Options

Our most commonly chosen closure systems include:

  • Auto locking bottom
  • Full seal ends
  • Tuck top
  • Straight tuck

Some more elaborate closure systems include:

  • Corner punch out
  • Dogbone retractable handle
  • Panel
  • Sleeve

The Right Equipment for Your Needs

Once you’ve decided on a carton and closure system, it’s time to talk about equipment. Here at Econocorp, we offer an entire line of cartoning equipment to fit the needs of any production line, big or small. Our top-quality cartoning machines include:

  • Mini Monoseal
  • Twinseal
  • E-System 2000
  • Spartan
  • V-System
  • Econo-60
  • Pegasus
  • Auto Bottom Erector

Each cartoning machine offers unique benefits and advantages that take your product packaging process to the next level. Consulting with our equipment experts will help you find the cartoning and closure systems perfect for your operations!

Carton Closure Systems from Econocorp

No matter what closure system goes best with your cartons, we’ve got the equipment to bring it all together seamlessly. Check out our line of cartoning machines suitable for a wide range of products and industries, then contact us for more information on how Econocorp can make your production line more effective, consistent, and profitable today!