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Your packaging is often the first thing a potential customer sees when considering your product for the first time. Everything about your packaging needs to be just right. If you’re trying to package your products on old, inefficient packaging equipment, you’re letting money slip out of your hands every day. Modern, efficient packaging equipment will bring many benefits to your operations, brand identity, and bottom line.

Efficient packaging equipment reduces costs.

More efficient packaging equipment reduces costs in many ways. Modern, efficient packaging equipment reduces waste by making fewer errors and improving consistency. Packages that are folded and assembled by hand or on an old packaging machine are more prone to measurement errors and misfolds, wasting valuable raw materials. 

Humans are also notoriously inconsistent when rationing materials, so one of your packages may have considerably more packing material or tape than the next. This inconsistency wastes materials and increases costs. Older packaging equipment may not even have the functionality to do more than just fold boxes, so unless you upgrade to a more capable model, you’ll need extra labor or machinery to handle taping, labeling, etc.

Modern, more efficient packaging equipment can also cut your labor costs by replacing the need for human employees to perform repetitive tasks. This frees up money in your labor budget to pay current employees more or hire new employees for more thought-intensive jobs.

Finally, improving your packaging equipment efficiency can dramatically cut your maintenance costs. Old, worn-out machines require constant upkeep and repair. A new custom packaging machine will run smoothly for years, freeing up maintenance’s time to take care of some tasks on the backlog.

Consistent packaging improves brand awareness and reputation.

Your brand’s identity is inevitably connected to your product packaging. You want customers to recognize your product line from across the room. Visually appealing packaging alone will not accomplish the desired level of brand awareness from customers. You need a consistent packaging plan that unifies all your product packages with one fundamental design. You need each package to be perfectly folded, assembled, packed, and sealed. You need the product inside the package to match what the label on the outside says.

Packaging equipment built with a focus on efficiency can help your brand be consistent and recognizable. This consistency will translate into a favorable image with both retailers and customers. People in any industry network with each other, so impressing one retailer or distributor can be all you need to gain favor with many others. Establishing a good reputation is directly linked to your brand’s ability to deliver consistent results every time. Efficient packaging equipment helps you achieve just that.

When your packaging equipment functions as it should, you can worry less about errors and mispacks and get on to more important things, like getting your product on as many store shelves as possible. If you’re ready to take your packaging systems to the next level, contact Econocorp for a solution built just for your business needs.