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Safety is always a #1 priority for any production line, and keeping equipment in good working order is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to ensure that your employees are safe and that your product is packaged according to your brand’s standards. Keep your line running safely and efficiently by implementing the following steps:

Routine equipment maintenance

The expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” definitely applies when talking about equipment maintenance. All equipment, no matter what its use, requires routine maintenance for continued performance over the long term. Plus, a lack of routine equipment maintenance is a common cause of workplace accidents and injuries. 

Be sure that you know the maintenance requirements of every machine on your production line and adhere to the recommended maintenance schedules. For large operations, having a dedicated maintenance employee or team is the best option.

Quick repairs

When a piece of equipment does malfunction or break down, diagnose and repair the issue as soon as possible. Down equipment is not generating any revenue and is no doubt causing production to slow down as human labor is used in its place. This can turn a profitable line into a cash purge quickly! Spending the cash and labor to correct the problem quickly is always the most cost-efficient solution.

Upgrade outdated equipment

Despite the best manufacturing, equipment loses efficiency as it ages. This decrease in performance slowly eats away at your line’s profitability. Outdated equipment also presents a safety hazard, as it is much more likely to malfunction.

When implementing a new machine or piece of equipment on your line, decide up front what measure you want to use to determine when to replace it, and then stick with that. There are plenty of places to sell used equipment to help offset the cost of replacing it.

Operator training

Last, but certainly not least, is operator training. For operators to be able to do their jobs safely, they must receive adequate and proper training on each machine they run. A knowledgeable operator is a safe one, while untrained operators are liabilities that can end up costing the company thousands if injured on the job!

High-efficiency equipment for your business

No matter what type of production line you run, Econocorp has the packaging, tray forming, and cartoning solutions that you need to ensure employee safety, maximize productivity, and boost profitability. Call (781) 986-7500 or email to begin the conversation about your equipment needs with one of our expert sales staff today! We can help you design a custom solution, built around your product, that delivers highly efficient and consistent results.