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It’s dizzying to consider the wide range of design components that have the potential to impact your product’s ability to stand apart from the competition and attract the attention of new and loyal customers alike. Color, shape, size, material, and wording only begin the list of elements that manufacturers must strategically plan. Some of the most successful businesses decide to forge their own path to packaging success rather than attempting to become the best version of what already exists. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recent creation of an asymmetrical aluminum bottle meant for packaging single-serve beverages such as energy drinks, tea, coffee, and beer.

Why Asymmetrical?

The custom-shaped asymmetric aluminum bottles achieve stand-out presence on the shelf because they directly contradict the elegant and symmetrical shapes used by so many other beverage companies. This type of distinction not only attracts more customers but also generates powerful and iconic brand recognition.

Why Aluminum?

Asymmetrical and aluminum seem to pair well together, especially given the recent emphasis on recycling and environmental sustainability. Since aluminum is entirely recyclable, nearly 70 percent of all aluminum in circulation today originated from recycled material. This allows customers to make purchasing choices that support their desire to “go green”. Of course, aluminum also offers a number of packaging benefits such as flexibility, durability, and strength.

Dare to Be Different

Packaging is a fiercely competitive component of product development, which is why manufacturers are always seeking methods and technologies that help them reach more customers. Asymmetrical aluminum bottles are shatterproof, lightweight, attractive, and able to be customized with flutes, embossing, debossing, and fine details.

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