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Amazon is an electric commerce company based in the US. The company is the largest online retailer in the US and sells all types of items including books, software, apparel, jewelry, food, and toys. Innovating and offering quality services has made the company one of the leading retailers in the world, however, there were numerous complaints from the customers about packaging their goods. The company received complaints that its customers were finding it hard to unwrap their packages, especially those who placed large orders. Amazon.com launched “Unwrapping Made Easier: Amazon’s Push for Customer-Friendly Packaging,” an initiative to make packaging material more user-friendly and environment-friendly.

Streamlined Packaging

Amazon aims to offer the same product but with a friendlier packaging. The initiative offers to give the customers a new experience. This is unique as it focuses on the customer’s interest first and not the packaging. Amazon will start changing two items first: those packed in hard plastic cases and those fastened with plastic-coated wire ties such as those used to pack toys. To make the initiative successful, the company has collaborated with its leading manufacturers such as Mattel, Microsoft, and Fisher-Price to give its customers the best packaging.

Environmental Friendly

The major goal of customer friendly packaging is to be more eco-friendly by using fewer materials. The majority of the manufacturers are packaging the materials in recyclable and easy to open cases. To achieve this, the manufacturers opted to package the materials in slightly larger cases than the item. In addition, they have reduced the size of the manual to fit the new package. Amazon developed software to determine the most suitable size of the box to be used in an item. The right size is achieved by calculating the items weight and dimensions. The result of this was the company significantly reduced the numbers of items shipped in oversized boxes, thus reducing transportation costs and packaging waste.


To achieve success in this initiative, Amazon chose to do something revolutionary — create a feedback section. This section allows customers to rate the packaging of the materials they have ordered, upload pictures and even add comments. The section is well-detailed to assist in rating the product. This one-on-one interaction with the retailers regarding packaging has enabled the company to change the packaging to fit the customer’s needs. The feedback section is a source of first-hand information on how the customers feel when opening the product. This information is in turn used to customize the packaging leading to customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has greatly improved since the company used easy wrapping material.

Green packaging has been described as a breakthrough in modern consumer issues and is sustainable packaging is the number one preference for consumers around the world. The frustration free packaging has tackled the problems in the retail packaging industry. It has also has revolutionized the systems in place. This imitative by Amazon, has made other companies acknowledge this new trend and they are taking steps ensure that the future of online shopping is more sustainable.