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The choices behind choosing the best packaging for your company’s products are not simple to make. Packaging is really your first and most important chance to persuade the consumer to pick your product up off the shelf and open up his wallet.

This means that your packaging needs to possess the perfect combination of creativity, appeal, and practicality. How can you achieve the ultimate blend to boost sales?

Carefully Plan the Packaging’s Function and Style

If you are selling craft beer and want to keep your product safe in its packaging, it might be effective to wrap everything in bubble wrap, but not very stylish. You need to strike the right balance between form and function to keep our product protected during transport but also appealing enough to draw a customer’s attention from across the aisle.

It’s OK to Be Creative!

Customers also appreciate a leap of faith- inject humor, use bold color, and do something unique. Customers are often willing to pay a higher price for products that offer a change from standard industrialized packaging. Hence the soar in success of craft beers recently!

Prominently Display Your Product’s Purpose

As a consumer, it’s very frustrating to look at the packaging of an item and still feel unclear about its actual use. Too much creativity leads to confusion, so be sure to clearly state your product and its intended application.

Choose the Right Material

Bag or box? Paper or plastic? Horizontal or vertical? So many choices exist when deciding exactly what makes most sense with your product. These decisions can be narrowed down by your price point and profit margin. Check out the competition to be aware of their methods and how to differentiate yourself on the store shelves.