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You have your product, you’ve arranged manufacturing and you’ve set up your casepacking system so that you can start packaging it. Now all you need is branding so that know what to actually put on that packaging and so that you start promoting and marketing yourself.

You’d think this would be the easy bit, but actually for many businesses it can end up being a massive stumbling block. How do you choose a logo that will accurately represent your business and help you to gain maximum exposure? Here are some important tips to get you started…


KISS is an acronym for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. In this context it means that your logo should be as simple as possible which will make it easier to reproduce on demand while at the same time as making it more versatile so that it can be used in multiple contexts.

Make a Mood Board

A mood board is essentially a collage of everything related to your business. This means competitors’ logos, it means pictures associated with your industry and it means things that you like or that speak to you and your mission statement. Put this all in one place and then you can start to get ideas for what works and what doesn’t and you can recombine ideas to create something unique.

Avoid Clichés

This is an important piece of advice. Avoid ticks, globes, lightbulbs and anything else that is contrived and that appears in every other logo. You want your logo to be unique and to stand out – not to be derivative of every other company.


Once you have some ideas, pick the top five and then show them around before you pick one for your casepacking. Remember: it doesn’t really matter whether you like it, it’s much more important that the general public and your target demographic in particular do!