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When it comes to packaging your products, the ultimate goal is to increase output while reducing labor hours. The horizontal cartoning machines built by Econocorp Inc. are designed to help accomplish those goals. We offer a wide variety of carton machines, from countertop carton sealers to continuous-motion cartoners, for low to moderate production companies seeking the best solutions. 

Browse our carton machines’ top features to determine which makes the best match for your product needs. 

Mini Monoseal

The Mini Monoseal is a safe and straightforward semi-automatic carton flap glue sealer used to seal carton end flaps, hinge covers, side glue joints, gable tops, and more. Its beneficial qualities include:

  • Portable, self-contained table-top design
  • Simple and proven ECONOSEAL hot melt glue pot system
  • Foot pedal cycle start
  • Quickly adjustable for different sizes without the need for tooling
  • 115 volt (optional 220 volt), no air required


The Twinseal is an economical carton sealer designed to glue two flaps at the same time. It can be adjusted to new sizes in just minutes. This is the best carton machine for your product line if you need it:

  • Sanitary construction (essentially stainless steel)
  • Up to 30 cartons per minute (depending on carton style and other factors)
  • Hand crank lateral adjustment for fast, easy changeover
  • Automatic cycle
  • Left hand, right hand or straight back delivery chute discharge
  • A machine that accommodates glue sealing or hot air closure for paperboard or corrugated cartons

E-System 2000

The E-System 2000 is a customer favorite. This automatic horizontal cartoner is perfect for erecting, loading, and closing end load cartons. Its features include:

  • Sanitary construction (essentially stainless steel)
  • Intermittent motion
  • Up to 25 cartons per minute (depending on carton style and other factors)
  • PLC controls
  • Compact 78 x 32” (1980 x 813mm)
  • Accommodates glue sealing, tuck closure, or hot air closure – paperboard or corrugated
  • Left-hand or right-hand load and discharge


This rugged, mechanical, automated horizontal cartoner makes it possible to erect, load, and close end-load cartons at speeds of up to 40 cartons per minute with options for up to 60 per minute! Its intermittent motion and PLC controls make this a productive choice for medium-sized product lines. 

For help selecting the right carton machine for your packaging needs, ask the experts at Econocorp. For more than 50 years, Econocorp has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the cartoning equipment and case packing industry. Call (781) 986-7500 to learn more and get the professional assistance you need.