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If you have a small to moderate volume of cartons that you must package on a daily or near daily basis, you need a cartoner that will allow for fast and accurate loading of your cartons. The Spartan cartoner is a rugged machine that handles the bare bones of what you need to be able to package your product. Here are some key features of the Spartan cartoner that you need to know about before making a decision.

40 Cartons per Minute

The Spartan cartoner allows for either manual or automatic loading of product into an end-load carton. This machine is capable of putting out up to 40 cartons per minute when on the automatic setting. This allows for fast packaging of your product so that you can get it distributed or on the shelves for purchase.

End Load Cartons

It is important to note that the Spartan cartoner only works with end-load cartons. You will not be able to use top-load cartons with this machine. However, end-load cartons work well for a number of industries, including the food, beverage, home goods, and craft beer industries. The cartoner seals the cartons with tuck closure, hot glue, or hot air closures.

Sanitary Construction

The Spartan cartoner is made mostly of stainless steel so that you can maintain a sanitary and sterile environment for your product. If you are packaging beverages, food, or other consumables, it is important that your machine maintains a safe and sterile condition. The Spartan cartoner makes this easy, with easy-to-clean parts and instructions.

If you are interested in the Spartan cartoner, or if you think another cartoner might better meet your needs, contact us today for more information or to place your order.