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Some consumers don’t give a second thought to opening a can of soda or beer and taking a cool, refreshing sip, but other consumers are significantly concerned by the potential for contamination. After all, cans pass through many different hands on their way to store shelves. Though packaging entities cannot be held responsible for how their products are treated through the supply chain, they can put measures in place to minimize the potential for damage. Using full-coverage hygiene protection to can multipacks is a new and exciting strategy to minimize unwanted contamination and still maximize product visibility.

A company called WaveGrip in the United Kingdom recently developed WaveSafe, the first covered flexible carrier. A clear film membrane is positioned directly over cans to provide the reassurance of hygiene, but the products can still be seen and recognized by consumers. As explained by Aaron McIvor, managing director at WaveGrip, “WaveSafe is lightweight and efficient to apply and is available in the complete range of WaveGrip colors to create a new point of intrigue to consumers as well as boasting functional and environmental benefits.”

This innovative hygiene solution offers a wide range of benefits. It replaces collation shrink film with a less expensive material that doesn’t require as much resource output to create. It is also so thin that it can barely been seen on the cans themselves. This maximizes the visibility of the primary packaging – the cans – and never obscures the original brand image. How does it manage to meet so many specifications at once? According to McIvor, “PE collar is 10 percent lighter than comparative products and the additional layer of recyclable and photodegradable PE material covering the cans is substantially thinner. Compared to shrink and collate or rigid plastic collars the material saving is significant.”

This brand new product could make a difference on your own cans that require polymer film. To see what you can do, call (781) 986-7500 to talk to an expert at Econocorp.