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The sale of used and previously owned items is a core piece of the economy. From consignment shops selling secondhand clothes and household items to pre-owned car dealerships, countless consumers are happy to save money by purchasing used goods. The same principle applies to the buying and selling of second-hand machinery. If you need a new packaging line for your manufacturing business, consider the following perks of purchasing pre-owned.

Prudent Investments

The economic recession of 2006 hit businesses hard, and ten years later few have forgotten the fear and uncertainty that came with such a powerful economic downturn. Reliable business growth is founded on operational efficiencies and prudent investment, so purchasing a high-quality but second-hand piece of machinery can help to alleviate budgetary restraints and keep everything in the black.

Keep Up With Changes

It’s very likely that your packaging lines fit specific needs that were carefully planned for a more predictable market. The social and market trends that have developed in America over the last few years, like the increase in smaller households and demand for sustainability awareness, are probably challenging your business to branch out into new types of packaging you hadn’t considered before. By purchasing used equipment, you can accommodate a variety of packaging types without sending all of your precious cash flow into capital resources.

The Savings Are Real

According to a bottling expert based in Florida, “The savings that can be made by investing in used equipment are significantas much as 20 to 70 percent. Re-using equipment can transform the economics of a re-tooling or upgrading project, but you need a trustworthy partner to source good kits. They need to know the market and the machinery inside out, and be able to set a deal at the right price for both the seller and buyer.”