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It only takes one glance at a cup sleeve from Starbucks to be reminded that big brands are committing themselves to packaging that causes less of a negative impact on the environment. Every coffee cup sleeve at Starbucks reads, “Same great sleeve, less waste. Because we care about our planet, this 85% post-consumer-fiber cup sleeve uses 34% less paper than our original.”    

But Starbucks is hardly alone in this endeavor. As the year 2018 approaches its midpoint, sustainability efforts are being debuted by other big brands like Budweiser. Back in March, Budweiser revealed its new packaging icon to showcase its increasing commitment to sustainability. The new 100% Renewable Energy logo on every Budweiser package sends a message to consumers that Budweiser’s beer breweries are powered by renewable energy.

As explained by Ricardo Marques, Vice President of Marketing for Budweiser, “The symbol celebrates the renewable electricity we purchase and give back on the grid – enough electricity to brew all of the Budweiser in the U.S. As a leader in the category, we put a strong emphasis on the quality standards we set – from the quality of the beer we produce to the impact we make on the environment.”

L’Oreal is another big player that is using innovative methods to take it easy on the earth. Seed Phytonutrients, a division of L’Oreal USA, is passionate about sustainability and proving it recently by unveiling a new recycled, recyclable, compostable, paper-based pump bottle that can be used to package shower products like soap and shampoo.

A paper packaging product in the shower sounds like a recipe for a wet, mushy disaster, but Seed Phytonutrients has made many innovative improvements on the eco-friendly bottle, such as improving its water-resistance by mixing proprietary minerals with the paper fibers and using heat and pressure to bind the fibers during production.

While every company is approaching it differently, there is no doubt that sustainability is gradually becoming a core component of packaging methods. The strain on our natural resources cannot be ignored, and more brands like Starbucks, Budweiser, and L’Oreal are sure to continue blazing the trail.

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