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Craft beverages have exploded onto the scene in recent years, with dozens of companies vying for their share of the market. Even with all the success, these companies have seen, there have been some mistakes as well, especially in regard to packaging. Advances in beverage packaging mean that some traditional viewpoints are now outdated and must be revised for businesses to stay profitable. In this post, we’ll discuss aluminum cans as the premier packaging type for craft beverages while going over some do’s and don’ts.

Do: Go Green

Sustainability is a trend that’s here to stay, and smart businesses know that marketing to a new generation that prioritizes environmental health is necessary to stay competitive. Using biodegradable, recycled, and reused materials for packaging is a simple way to show your customers you care.

Craft beverage manufacturers can take this a step further by offering their products in high-quality, recyclable aluminum cans. Aluminum cans have a much higher rate of recycling compared to glass bottles and recycling aluminum uses 95% less energy than fabricating new aluminum from raw materials. 

Do: Think About Purpose

Your product’s purpose should always be a top consideration when deciding what type of packaging to go with. For craft beverages, the product’s purpose is to be fresh, cold, and delicious. There’s no beverage packaging that achieves all three of these goals like aluminum cans. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is much better than glass, ensuring that your craft beverage is icy cold much faster than its glass-bottled counterparts. 

Do: Prioritize Safety

There’s a reason beaches, parks, entertainment venues, and pretty much all other public spaces don’t allow glass bottles…if they break, they are very unsafe to anyone unfortunate enough to step on a shard. Instead, non-breakable aluminum cans are the beverage package of choice for venues that want guests to enjoy themselves while also keeping it safe for everyone around.

Do: Maximize Space

Did you know that you can fit almost twice the amount of liquid in a can than you can in a similar sized glass bottle? Between that and the fact that cans stack so nicely in the fridge, opting for the space maximization benefits of aluminum cans for craft beverages is a no brainer.

Don’t: Get Weighed Down

Aluminum cans are ultra-lightweight, meaning you’re paying to ship your product instead of packaging. An aluminum can weighs about half what a glass bottle weighs, slashing your product shipping costs.

Don’t: Let in the Light (or Air)

No matter how dark a glass bottle is, it’s still letting in some light that is oxidizing the contents and changing the overall taste (sometimes called “light strike”). Aluminum cans are completely opaque, meaning what comes out will taste exactly like what went in. Not to mention that aluminum cans seal much better than glass bottles, further limiting excess oxygen in your craft beverage product.

Don’t: Allow Great Marketing Opportunities to Pass You By

You have to be brief when advertising on your product packaging. Space is incredibly limited, but with aluminum cans you get almost double the label space than a glass bottle. That’s more space to rave about everything that makes your product great! A well-designed label can be the difference between your product flying off or sitting on a shelf. 

Don’t: Miss Out on All Potential Savings

When you’re a small craft beverage manufacturer, profit margins are tight. You need to make sure you’re taking advantage of every cost-saving measure possible, including on your packaging. Yet again, aluminum cans reign supreme as a cheaper option per unit than glass bottles. 

Aluminum cans can also reduce spending on labeling by allowing the cans to be pre-printed before they are filled. The pre-printed designs are easier to change out than printed, adhesive labels for seasonal beverage offerings. So no need to purchase or maintain an end-of-line labeler, further reducing operating costs.

Craft Beverage Packaging Equipment Done Right

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