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Most of the attention given to medical first aid supplies focuses on the purpose of the product, but the packaging used to transport those first aid supplies shouldn’t be ignored. It’s critical to keep medical supplies sterilized, protected, and in the right conditions throughout the packaging, transporting, and storage processes. 

These are a few of the best uses for trayforming for medical first aid supplies. Econo Corp diligently implements the most efficient and reliable trayforming techniques to ensure that all medical supplies arrive at their destination in prime condition. 

Econoform and Econolock

The Econoform and Econolock are trayformers that can form corner glue, corner lock, or simplex style locking trays at speeds of up to 30 trays per minute. It’s method of operation is as follows:

  1. Flat blank is automatically pulled from a supply magazine with vacuum cups.
  2. Flat blank is fed forward to the forming area via a set of feed fingers.
  3. A mandril plunges the blank through a tooling cavity where it is corner glued, corner locked, or folded over.
  4. The completed formed tray is discharged straight down onto an optional belt conveyor to be loaded.

Reverse Triseal

The Reverse Triseal is a versatile, economic, compact, three-flap glue sealer. It accepts all conventional three-flap style cartons either lock or glue-formed. The system is ideally suited for accepting cartons at random without any special timing mechanism required. This machine is designed for reliable operating without the need for extensive operator training at speed of up to 30 cartons per minute.


The T-System consists of a Tray Former (Econolock to Econoform), a flighted conveyor, and a Reverse Tri Seal or Straight Line Closer. It will form corner glue, corner lock, or simplex style locking trays with a hinged cover, place them on a belt conveyor for loading, and seal them using hot melt glue at speeds of up to 25 per minute.

While it’s true that the medical tool or product itself gets the most attention for the role it plays in saving and improving human health, it wouldn’t be possible without strong, durable, and reliable trayforming. 

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