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If you’ve been packaging your product manually since you started your business, you may wonder how improving your packaging efficiency can benefit your bottom line. While placing each product in its packaging by hand may add a sentiment that automated packaging cannot, if you want to scale up your operation, manual packaging is just not feasible.

Just a few of the benefits that improving your packaging equipment efficiency will bring to your business include:

Reduced Waste

Packaging waste is a real budget pitfall for any product-based business. Due to intricacies in packaging designs, even some automated packaging equipment can result in costly material waste. By using customized packaging equipment designed with your specific needs in mind, like those offered here at Econocorp, you can minimize this waste and the resulting financial loss.

Brand Consistency

When a potential or returning customer looks at your product packaging, you want them to immediately make the association with your brand. Consistency in your brand aesthetic is crucial to establishing this connection in customer minds. When you package your products by hand or use inefficient packaging equipment, small differences in the final product’s look can take away from this desired aesthetic. Upgrading to more efficient packaging equipment gives more consistent results, always delivers the image you want your brand to portray, and helps customers recognize your products in a sea of competition.

Decreased Returns

It may sound crazy, but some customers will actually return an item as defective if the product’s packaging is damaged, without ever opening it or trying the product inside. This just shows how important packaging design and integrity is to the average consumer! Reduce your return rate by ensuring each and every package that leaves your production line is able to make the journey to a retail shelf, online distributor warehouses, and your customer’s door unscathed.

Extra Capacity

When your packaging equipment is optimized, there’s less down time, less repairs, and fewer repacks. This all translates into more products being packaged, ready to go into customer hands. Even if you don’t need the extra capacity now, it’s always good to be ready if the need to upscale arises!

High-Efficiency Packaging Equipment From Econocorp

When you’re ready to talk about optimizing your packaging equipment, contact Econocorp at (781) 986-7500 or online to speak with one of our expert sales representatives today! We can match you up with a custom packaging equipment option that works for your operation and budget. Experience all of the benefits of a highly efficient packaging system with a strategic, customized solution from Econocorp!