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Precious time on your production line is frequently taken up by packaging your finished products. Depending on the complexity of your packaging and sealing needs, you may require more time to package your products than they took to make. Not to mention you’ll likely need multiple employees to accomplish your daily packaging needs. Even with an intermittent motion cartoner, the risk of human error is presented every time one of your employees has to interact with the machine. Adding just one continuous motion cartoner to your operation can revolutionize your entire production line. Econocorp offers three continuous motion cartoners for your production needs: the Pegasus, the Econo-60, and the Auto Bottom Erector. Here are some of the benefits of installing a continuous motion cartoner:

Increased productivity

When it comes to output, hand packaging just cannot compare to the speed of a continuous motion cartoner. Our Econo-60 and Auto Bottom Erector models carton up to 60 products per minute, while the Pegasus model can put out a staggering 120 cartons per minute! You could hire up to 20 employees to accomplish the same output, but they still couldn’t match the accuracy of our high-quality continuous motion cartoners.

Frees up employee time

All those employees who spent their days packaging products can now be put in jobs that require a human touch, instead of wasting their talents on tasks that are better automated. Your employees will appreciate using their minds for more than monotonous, repetitive tasks.

Better product quality

Continuous motion cartoners never stop working, so parts are aligned within the machine as it goes. This ensures that each carton comes out exactly like the one before it. Your packaging will look more professional and uniform, giving your customers a feeling of unparalleled quality when they pick your product up off the shelf.

Continuous motion cartoners can be easily integrated into your existing operations. Our cartoners allow for a wide range of carton sizes and can be modified to fit sizes outside of those ranges with advanced notice. No other cartoning system comes close to the speed, accuracy, and quality performance of a continuous motion cartoner. Contact Econocorp today to discuss your product packaging needs, and see how our premier continuous motion cartoners can transform your entire operation.