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Semi-automatic cartoning machine are great for getting things packed and ready efficiently, boosting productivity and work time. A majority of small businesses have employed the use of semi-automatic cartoning machines to cut their operational time in half, boosting productivity. Now you don’t have to employ additional staff just to get your packing done. Automate your operations and you’ll be cutting your production costs considerably.


The machines are ideal for handling blister packs, container pouches, droppers, ampoules, vials, bearings, film rolls, inhalers, soaps and wide range of bottles. The machine gets cartons and products via magazines. The cartons are treated in a careful and gentle manner so that none of them a rough treatment that can be harmful for the product that has to be placed within them. Here are further details on its operations: The machine first opens the cartons one-by-one in a sequential manner and it then enters the product within them. Then the product is moved to the second stage of packaging via the conveyor belt.

Managing a Wide Array of Items

Using semi-automatic cartoning machines you will be able to pack multiple items at once. For example, if you manufacture tooth brushes and toothpastes that you can simultaneously pack both the items without having to worry about individual packing. Plus, you can also pack items in a bunch more efficiently and effectively.

There are different types of cartoning machines that you can use depending on the requirements of your business. For example, you can get high speed semi-cartoning machines to get your lighter inventory packed quickly or you can go with bulkier automatic machines that pack heavy goods at varying speeds.

A great thing about the machine is that it utilizes very limited amount of power as compared to heavy industrial packaging machines. This makes it an ideal choice for any low-budget manufacturer. So, buy a cartoning machine and boost your productivity.