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You’ve got a great product and your sales are surging so much that your production line just can’t keep up. Should you limit your sales and take a loss on that revenue? No way! Keep those profits flowing and instead opt for a production line upgrade with automatic erectors and sealers.

Wondering how an automatic erector and automatic sealer can benefit your bottom line? The many advantages of automatic, continuous motion packaging machinery include:


Our automatic carton erectors and sealers are fast, efficient, and hardly ever need a break. Just keep up with routine maintenance and regular inspections and you’ll be good to go. If you want to run 24/7, our erectors and sealers are up to the job!

This efficiency will reflect in your profit margins. Our automatic carton erectors and sealers can process hundreds of packages per minute, much more than most employees can by hand. This removes human labor from tasks that are more safely and efficiently done with machinery and allows it to be redistributed into more appropriate tasks.


When packages are erected and sealed by hand, there are so many steps of the process that can be influenced by human preference or error. With an automatic cartoner or sealer, you eliminate the human aspect in your packaging’s construction. The result is consistent, square, and even stackable packages that are all exactly the same! Add on one of our continuous motion case packers and you won’t have to worry about uneven weight distribution or logistics issues either.


Our automatic carton erectors and sealers minimize human interaction with machinery while it is in operation, making the work environment safer. And, when workplace accidents decline, the costs associated with them, decline as well!

Employee Satisfaction

Human beings have much more potential than just putting together a box. Use your employees for innovation, design, and other aspects of your business that require creativity and imagination. You’ll end up with better products, streamlined processes, and a happier workforce.

Econocorp offers a variety of automatic erectors and sealers to meet your cartoning, tray forming, and case packing needs. Contact us to find out how our packaging machines can boost your productivity and lower expenses.