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Snacks and cereals are mainstays in American households, so it goes without saying that these industries are extremely competitive. New products hit store shelves regularly, so existing brands need professional packaging solutions to stand out and stand their ground. 

This is why it’s so important to use the best and most efficient case packaging machines. Whether you manufacture granola, applesauce, or chips, you need machines to create and seal cases with less waste and increased output. 

Single Serve Options

Single serve snacks that offer health benefits are all the rage now. From protein bars to cookies with added protein, consumers want single snacks that they can enjoy without guilt. This is especially true as health-conscious snacking is on the rise. You can meet this demand using a machine like the mini monoseal that takes the hassle out of individual serving sizes. 

Munchies with Many Parts

The multi-part snack trend began with yogurt that offered granola or chocolate chip stir-ins. This has expanded into many other forms now, from oatmeal cups to high-protein snack sticks complete with hazelnut spread. This enables creative on-the-go snacking that is far more satisfying than traditional options or a mushy, brown banana.       

Increase Product Capacity

As a snack or cereal company, you are likely aiming to increase your customer base and total sales. For higher sales, your company needs the capacity to produce more products while keeping costs manageable. Switching from a manual to an automated packaging process is a smart, manageable step to increase your product output. Packaging equipment from Econo Corp will allow your snack or cereal company to prepare more products for distribution in a fraction of the time that it would take using manpower alone.

Reduce Labor Cost and Time

When you adopt equipment from Econo Corp to complete the packaging process for your snack or cereal product, you’ll be able to reduce labor costs. While packaging machinery may seem like a significant financial investment, it will provide significant savings over time as you spend less on labor. Our equipment is a sustainable solution for producers in the snack and cereal industry looking to improve their bottom line.

Once you’ve designed your unique packaging and you’re ready to perfect your cartoning, case packing, and tray forming solutions, call (781) 986-7500 to talk to an expert at Econo Corp. As a recognized worldwide leader in packaging, Econo Corp can help you with your moderate and lower production volume needs.