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Sustainability is a buzzword in almost all industries today. Customers prefer to spend their money with companies that prioritize reducing their environmental impact, and not many industries can have as much of an impact as logistics. Shipping and logistics suppliers use huge amounts of single-use packaging, often made of non-recyclable materials. Even with recyclable single-use packaging, it is still more likely to end up in a landfill than a recycling center. Logistics companies must figure out how to cut back on waste in their processes while also keeping costs low. So how can they do it?

Multi-use packaging is a great solution to the shipping industry’s waste problems.

Major Logistics Suppliers Take Note…

And many major companies are already implementing multi-use packaging programs. 

The major logistics companies – DHL, UPS, and FedEx – have all implemented or prioritized some form of reusable packaging program. DHL named reusable packaging and reverse logistics as their #2 priority in their Rethinking Packaging Trend Report. FedEx and UPS both offer packaging products that allow two shipments per package, although FedEx offers many more packaging options than UPS.

…But Small Businesses are Pioneering the Industry

But it’s not just the logistics big boys that are stepping into the reusable packaging game. There are already several players that are fighting for market share, including Returnity, Reusable Transport Packaging, Limeloop, and Boox. All of these companies offer sturdy, reliable multi-use packaging with the goal of establishing a circular shipping economy. They may all have their own takes on how reusable shipping packaging should be but make no mistake…these companies are pioneers of logistics of the future.

Packaging Equipment Built for Tomorrow’s Logistics

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