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When your business has grown to a size that requires more efficiency, you might begin looking for ways to simplify daily tasks. One aspect to improve that can increase product output is shipping and receiving. Utilizing various technological advances in packing will speed up the workflow and help you get orders out as quickly as possible. Let’s explore some possible ways that you can make your business more productive.

Cartoning Equipment

Modern packing equipment such as cartoning machines makes the tedious and mundane task of preparing shipping cartons quick and easy. Such an apparatus is designed to form cartons by erecting, folding, closing, and sealing them. The process becomes automatic and will greatly decrease the time it takes to perform these tasks. In addition to forming the carton, the machine can also be equipped to dispense various types of product during the erecting and sealing process.

Machine Types

Cartoning machines are generally classified as either horizontal or vertical. Horizontal machines are widely used for packaging cosmetics, medicine, and food, while vertical machines are generally utilized for the shipping of bottled goods. This, of course, can vary based on the business’ industry or scale of operation.


Casepacking can further enhance efficiency as well as make the best use of available space. In addition casepack quantities can be tailored specifically to your desired target market. For example, you can cater to retailers that favor small quantities to reduce shelf stock, or aim for larger quantities that result in lower costs for the supplier.

While cartooning and casepacking manufacturing can improve efficiency, it should be noted that ultimately your own goals and desires would determine your success. You never want your production to fall short of demand; so finding ways to improve productivity should always be at the forefront of any of your future business decisions.