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Now more than ever before, consumers care about their health and longevity. They are seeking out products that promise to improve their quality of life, help them achieve their health goals, and make them better versions of themselves.

Aside from the formulation of nutraceutical products themselves, nutraceutical packaging heavily influences consumer buying habits. Use these packaging tips to make sure your company’s nutraceuticals go flying off the shelves. 

What Are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are products derived from food sources, but with extra health benefits beyond the basic nutritional value of food. The word blends “nutrients” with “pharmaceuticals” to imply that the right foods can be used to promote general well-being, control unwanted symptoms, and prevent disease.

About Packaging for Nutraceuticals

Nutraceuticals appeal to a specific group of customers: those who are eager to improve their health and find reliable products that use natural ingredients to help them improve their health and wellness. Developing a packaging concept that sufficiently attracts that niche is critical. 

Since nutraceuticals come in liquid, powder, tablets, capsules, and other forms, packaging options may be varied. Jars, canisters, and bottles are a few of the most common choices. The following variations should also be considered when completing nutraceutical packaging:

  • Child-safe locks
  • Travel-friendly packages
  • Single-use packaging
  • Blister packs

Use Aesthetics to Your Advantage

Customers tend to choose products that appeal to them visually. Avoid a pharmaceutical appearance in favor of fresh, natural colors and clean designs. Let your product’s packaging tell the story of your company and the positive impact your nutraceuticals create. 

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