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When it comes to designing packaging for food items and beverages, keeping pace with consumer behavior is key. If your company seeks to design packaging that reflects your consumers and their culture, then you are bound to find success.

Short and Sweet

In today’s world, life is busy and consumers are always on the move. This means that consumers don’t have too much attention to devote to any one task. Packaging can accommodate this by delivering its message immediately. In essence, the old idea of the “elevator speech” has now been cut down to the span of three to five seconds – barely enough time for the elevator doors to shut! The most successful packaging will convince consumers to buy a product upon the first glance.

Make It Mobile

The majority of consumers are constantly on-the-go. Kids’ activities, office meetings, sports games, family events, and so many other priorities fight for time, which means that food and beverage preparation is often a low priority. Packaging can capitalize on this trend by making it easier for consumers to buy something, throw it into a bag or purse, and continue with their routine. In other words, accommodate the consumers who don’t have constant access to their fridge and pantry. It will pay off.

Engage With the Consumer

So much of the business world is about competition, but the truth is that companies that make a point of connecting with consumers tend to be more successful. Rather than obsessing over what other companies are doing, focus on your own business practices and build deep connections with your consumers to earn their trust and commitment.

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