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So you’ve put in the work to come up with an awesome product that meets your target customer base’s needs and does it better than the competition. So why isn’t your product flying off the shelves? You might want to check your packaging.

Packaging is the Trend

The packaging itself has become a trend, with unboxing videos surging in popularity in recent years. On every platform from YouTube to TikTok and more, influencers and everyday people can be found unboxing everything their hearts desire. But why do people get such a rush from just opening packages? The answer lies in our brain chemistry.

The Biology Behind Packaging

When we open a package, the levels of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in our brains increase. These are the same chemicals that rise when you receive a gift or take the first bite of your favorite food, and they spur feelings of excitement and satisfaction. It’s no wonder that once we’ve felt the rush of opening that first package, we just want to do it again and again!

How to Make Your Packaging Ready for Unboxing

Focusing on the seemingly insignificant details can be enough to take your packaging from bland to YouTube ready. Here are three easy ways to revamp your product’s packaging so that it conveys your brand’s desired image along with what makes your product so great:

Give it a personal touch

Everyone loves feeling like something was made just for them, and with today’s packaging technology, you can give your customers that custom-made feeling with every purchase. For online retailers, just the simple addition of the customer’s name or a thank you note on the packaging can make customers feel appreciated and respected. That fuzzy feeling will lead to repeat purchases and word-of-mouth referrals that beat any marketing strategy.

Choose sustainability

The environment is on everyone’s minds these days, so manufacturers that opt for packaging that promotes sustainability are winning big. By using recycled or sustainably grown materials, customers feel like their purchases actually make a difference. For maximum impact, step up to the next level with packaging that the customer can reuse themselves.

Go big or go home

If your product packaging just fades into the background when on a retail shelf, you’re never going to see the results and sales you want. Less is not always more when dealing with product packaging, so go big with bright colors, unusual shapes, and interactive features that leave customers wishing they had bought two, just so they could open the package again!

Cost-Efficient, Unboxing-Ready Packaging at Your Fingertips

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