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Even the best product packaging can benefit from a bit of a holiday facelift. The holiday season offers so many marketing opportunities, and the most successful companies know how to take advantage of those opportunities to attract new customers and maintain current consumers. Just think about the iconic Starbucks cups when Pumpkin Spice Lattes become available! So, where should you begin to capitalize on so much merriness?

Make Sure Your Packaging Doesn’t Become Irrelevant After December

Though most people think of November and December as the main months of winter celebration, it is wise to design packaging with a shelf-life beyond December. Utilize materials and visuals that are still relevant into the New Year. This will make your marketing investments stretch farther and improve your ROI. Winter and snowflakes are still logical in January, but turkeys and mistletoe are not.

Turn Your Products Into Gifts With Special Packaging

A bottle of whiskey is just a bottle of whiskey. But a bottle of whiskey in a sleek aluminum carrier, possibly paired with glasses or a festive ice tray, equates to a sophisticated gift option for shoppers. This adds extra value to your product by helping consumers create a ritual around its use as a gift.

Build a Campaign

We’re all familiar with successful product marketing campaigns, such as Coke’s idea to print a name on every bottle, or McDonald’s famous Monopoly game. You can follow this example by developing a Special Edition version of your packaging. Your Special Edition should include some type of campaign or event that encourages customer participation and engagement. Your campaign can be as simple or complex as you want, as long as it boosts your brand recognition in a festive way.

Use the Right Machinery

You need to know that the products you so carefully design and redesign will be placed in cartons and trays efficiently. Econocorp is based in Randolph, Massachusetts as a recognized worldwide leader in cartoning, tray forming, and casepacking for moderate and lower production volumes. By utilizing an Econocorp machine for your packaging needs, you can trust that all of your festive products will be safely created, transported, and displayed for customer use. Call (781) 986-7500 today to learn more about the packaging solutions offered from Econocorp.