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No matter what type of business you run, delivery is an aspect of your business model. Many people will think of delivery as applying only to ecommerce businesses and other companies that physically send out parcels. In reality though, delivery actually just describes the way you deliver a product or service which can equally apply to web design or catering. In web design, the delivery will be the way in which you provide your clients with their work and in catering it will be the way the waiter serves the meal and the drinks.

Delivery is a very important aspect of any business model because it is what will enable you to set yourself apart from the competition and to add that extra flare that will make you memorable for all the right reasons.

When someone eats out at a restaurant, it is the entire experience they remember and not just the food. The friendliness of your staff and the speed that the food arrives will both impact greatly on their memory of dealing with you.

So how do you win points on delivery and do it right? Here are some tips.


When it comes to physical deliveries, packaging makes a big difference which is why cartoning systems are important. This will protect your product and will also make it appear more premium when done well.


Don’t miss this opportunity to reinforce your branding. When cartoning or casepacking, ensure that your logo is right there!

Under Promise, Over Deliver

Customers love positive surprises, so always tell them that delivery will be slower than it is likely to be to ensure you get rave reviews every time. In a restaurant this means telling them ‘ten minutes’ when really it will be ready in five.

Added Flourish

A smile, a free gift or anything else extra that puts your delivery one step ahead of the competition will go a long way to making a big difference!