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There is no definitive answer as to how to choose he right cartoning machine for a given use. It should be a personal decision that gets you the results you’re happy with and can justify from a business perspective. However, a lot of people have great difficulty with this issue. There are a whole lot of choices from the around the world, as well as differing advice. How does someone choose the right cartoning machine?

The guidelines below are based on the advice of an expert who has been investigating this issue for more than two decades. He has watched business owners struggle with the decision-making process for a very long. Countries all over the world make use of cartoning machines, and there is a wide array of products to be packaged into cartons, including chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, and foodstuffs. His advice is based on his experience in seeing it all. The advice and guidelines he gives are god for both big and small companies.

If you are thinking about, or going to be thinking about, the kind of cartoning machine to get, you or your buying team should think about the following information.

#1. Set a budget for the project.

You and your team will know your project better than anyone else. The need to purchase (or lease) a cartoning machine is usually driven by the wish to package the product more efficiently, or to improve the look of your product. Whether you are seeking a semi-automatic or an automatic carton sealer, knowing what your current costs are and your objectives for ROI can easily set the stage for a budget, going into a project.

#2. The product itself should help you arrive at your choice.

Before you look at potential suppliers or automation potential, it is important that you consider the product’s nature. The kind of product you have will often dictate what type of cartoning machine you need.