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Running a craft beer or beverage business requires you to be an expert at both brewing and business. You want to get your high-quality, delicious beverages in the hands of thirsty consumers, but if your packaging line isn’t efficient, you can end up with unhappy customers, wasted resources, and shrinking profits. Avoid bottlenecks in your craft beverage packaging by following these simple rules:

Know Your Statistics

We often see our clients lose money by simply not being aware of where their highest profits are. By knowing which products and corresponding packaging options sell the best with the lowest expenses, you can focus your manufacturing and packaging efforts only on those products that bring the most bang for your buck. 

There are lots of software options out there specifically designed for smaller craft beverage businesses to monitor the financials of production. We highly recommend using one of these software solutions to determine the most financially sound direction for your craft beverage business.

Automate When Possible

While human intuition is needed for many parts of the craft beverage manufacturing process, the packaging really isn’t one of those parts. Packaging automation brings many benefits to your craft beverage operation:

  • Consist of packaging and branding
  • Fewer errors
  • Higher packaging capacity
  • More products on the shelves = more sales = more profits

Choose the Right Equipment

Your packaging line is only as good as its lowest performing part. By modernizing your packaging line with fully-automated packaging and sealing solutions, you’ll be able to avoid profit-busting bottlenecks in the line and be able to ship out the maximum amount of product possible.

Optimize Your Craft Beverage Packaging Line with Econocorp

Econocorp offers all the packaging equipment you need to optimize your craft beverage packaging line. Check out our solutions for the craft beverage industry, then contact (781) 986-7500 or by email at to speak with one of our expert sales representatives about your company’s specific needs.