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There are a lot of ideas about how to cut costs on packaging lines, but one method is a clear winner – automation. Automation hands-down delivers the best return on investment over any other cost-cutting strategy.

The benefits of packaging line automation are clear:

  • Increased output
  • Fewer errors & waste
  • More consistency
  • Safer for employees
  • Lower labor costs

If you want a smooth running packaging line with optimal production for the lowest cost, automation is the way to go. And here at Econocorp, we have complete, customizable packaging solutions that will give you all the benefits of automation at an affordable price:

Spartan Cartoner + Econocaser

Two of our most popular machines come together in this complete packaging solution that takes your product from naked to boxed, packed, and sealed in no time. This video shows this duo, the Spartan cartoner, and the Econocaser case packer, in action, packaging nail polish into individual boxes before arranging them in a pack pattern and loading them into cases for shipping. You can see how simple the entire process flows from start to finish with minimal employee interaction. Just keep the product and boxes loaded, and the Spartan + Econocaser can handle the rest!

Spartan x 2 – Complete Beverage Packing Solution

Another industry that always needs innovative packaging solutions is beverages. From sodas to craft beer to dairy and more, beverage packaging is a challenge due to the fragile nature of not just the packaging, but also the contents. Great care should be taken to minimize the agitation of products during packaging, and the Spartan beverage system does just that. In this video, you can see two Spartan cartoners working in tandem to package 4-packs of a craft beverage before then loading the 4-packs into erected trays. The trays are then ejected to a comfortable working height to be palletized. This is another example of how full automation can turn a labor-intensive process into a quick push of a button.

Mix-and-Match Our Cartoners, Tray Formers, and Case Packers to Meet Your Needs

No matter what you’re packaging, Econocorp has a packaging solution that will take your process from frustrating to seamless. We offer full lines of customizable cartoners, tray formers, and case packers to accommodate products of all shapes, sizes, and special handling needs. Contact our sales team at (781) 986-7500, email, or contact us online to discuss your company’s packaging needs today.