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The power of high-quality packaging is just as strong as having a great product. No matter how innovative your merchandise is, if it is poorly packaged, it will never make it into the customer’s hands. Superior packaging using Econocorp’s comprehensive line of cartoners, erectors, and sealers, will boost your brand value by:

  • Increasing Sales

Not only does well-crafted packaging get your product purchased more often, but it also increases customer retention by creating a user experience free from hassle and frustration. For some brands, the packaging can be more engaging than the product itself, like Tiffany and Co.’s iconic robin egg blue boxes. If companies worth billions of dollars focus so much effort on their packaging, you should take the hint and follow suit.

  • Promoting Brand Awareness

Help your products stand out from the crowd with eye-catching, memorable product packaging! Our team can help you create a cohesive design with a great user experience that will set your products apart from everything else on the shelf. This increases consumer recognition of your brand and the chance of your product being purchased.

  •  Conveying Brand Values

Is your brand all about high-quality products? Is reducing your company’s carbon footprint a major goal? Do you want to appeal to the younger, social media crazed generation? Say it with your packaging! Convey what your company and brand are about with well-designed, informative packaging that hones in on your target audience.

  • Solving Customer Problems

If your product’s packaging solves a customer problem, then you’re guaranteed to gain a larger share of the market based on that fact alone. Customer problems that can be solved by packaging include child-proof containers, senior-accessible packaging, frustration-free packaging, and more.

  • Improving Product Quality

Is your product perishable? Then, packaging is even more important for your company. Creating packaging that is not only high quality but also promotes freshness for the maximum amount of time is essential. When packaging perishable items, working with an experienced packaging equipment provider is a must to ensure your product meets quality standards and your consumers are not left with spoiled merchandise.

When you’re ready to upgrade to packaging that is convenient, user-friendly, cost-efficient, and sustainable, contact Econocorp at (781) 986-7500, by email, or online to discuss a customized packaging solution that meets all your needs.