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Company growth and company culture… are two things we’re very serious about here at Econocorp. Company growth is important so that we can continue to provide meaningful work to our employees, stay competitive in the industry, and gain more market share. As a company firmly seated in its growth phase, we anticipate that our organizational growth metrics will continue to rise as we steam forward through the 2020s and beyond. While healthy growth is vital to our financial well-being, our strong company culture is what really propels that growth.

Embracing Healthy Growth While Fostering Positive Culture 

Company growth and culture are intertwined concepts that depend on each other for either to reach its full potential. At Econocorp, we embrace growth and promote a positive culture by actively investing in:

  • Our most valuable assets are our employees, by listening and responding to their needs with thoughtful solutions and incentives to encourage productivity and boost morale 
  • Our physical infrastructure and machinery, keep our operations efficient and flexible, so we can increase production as sales climb without putting undue stress on employees or equipment
  • Product development, which keeps our offerings competitive and innovative solutions by listening and responding to our customer needs. 
  • Market expansion so that we can create new jobs while offering job security to existing employees

We want to be where people want a career, not just a stepping-stone job. That may be why the average tenure of an Econocorp employee is 15 years! Now, you just can’t argue with a turnover that is low!

Staying True to Our Core Values

Even in the face of steady growth and an ever-changing workplace, we are proud to still hold true to our founding core values:

  • Help First

We are motivated to do the right thing and help our fellow staff and customers succeed.

  • Humbly Confident

We are confident in the quality of our product and humbly take pride in our work, going above and beyond in every situation.

  • Commitment

We are loyal to the company, its mission, and its growth.

  • Teamwork

We encourage trust and collaboration to help build a successful team.

  • Initiative

We are resourceful, solution-oriented problem solvers, looking to grow with every opportunity.

We believe our dedication to these core values keeps our employees and customers satisfied. They allow us to work as a team toward a common set of goals, ensuring a consistent customer experience that has turned 30% of new customers into repeat business.

Ready to Grow With Econocorp?

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