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Are you ready to take your operation’s case packing to a whole new level? Then, meet the Econopacker!

This semi-automatic case packer can revolutionize how you pack your products, with more accuracy, more speed, and less stress to your workforce.

So, how does EconoPacker do it?

Products are randomly belt fed into the machine, where they are collated into the proper order. A human operator then positions a case over the loading funnel where the machine loads the products into the case. The filled case is then sent for sealing and shipping.

How does EconoPacker speed up your production line?

Some items are easy to pack due to their size and odd shape. When only one item fits into a case, things can move along smoothly. However, if you produce smaller items such as soaps or jewelry, it can take a long time to pack each and every item into a case in the most efficient way possible.

EconoPacker makes organizing products into a predetermined pattern for packing easy. The machine is programmed to know exactly how to arrange your products to best fit in the case, so your employees never have to scramble to get products arranged just right.

Instead, employees can focus on the proper positioning of the case on the loading funnel, and that’s it. An individual can do this much faster than organizing and loading products, so the employee is able to keep up with the machine’s pace. This all comes together to create a quicker, smoother case packing experience!

Get the EconoPacker for your production line

To find out just how much time and money the EconoPacker can save your business, call us at (781) 986-7500 or contact us online today. Give your employees a break from repetitive, time-consuming jobs and let them do the things that only humans can do. Trust speedy, consistent, and convenient case packing to the EconoPacker!