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From coffee cups to snack packs and everything in between, consumer decision making is heavily swayed by the convenience that their purchases will provide. This has inspired leaders in the packaging industry to overhaul their packaging strategies in order to make their products more attractive to convenience-driven customers.


Glass jars and metal cans will always remain staples of the packaging industry, but many products are evolving into multilayer flexible packaging to sidestep the rigid and unforgiving nature of other types of packaging. In addition to extending the shelf life of products and reducing pack weight and freight costs, flexible packaging like pouches offer more functionality for end users.


Wonderful Pistachios is the perfect example of the potential success of convenient packaging that allows unobstructed visibility of the product inside. Wonderful Pistachios is known for selling nuts in liner bags that allow consumers to witness the product’s quality and freshness before making the purchase. This has led to strong sales, especially among younger shoppers who are increasingly conscious of the story behind their purchases.


A quick walk down the energy bar aisle at your local grocery store or a bief browse through the prepared food section will prove that many products, especially on-the-go food items, are being packaged for the ultimate ease of use. Consumers are busier than ever before; they want to pop into a store and make one purchase that has everything they need for a satisfying lunch. Packaging experts are working to meet those needs in a functional, sustainable, and attractive manner.

Of course, all packages must undergo cartoning and case packing in order to be shipped to stores where they can be accessed by eager consumers. Econocorp, a recognized worldwide leader, make this happen by providing cartoning, tray forming, and casepacking machinery for moderate and lower production volumes. Call (781) 986-7500 to get started today.